Boxed is a demo site designed to show some of the options included in the GeneratePress WordPress theme. See my blog posts “Building my Boxed Demo Site – Part 1” and “Building My “Boxed” Demo Site – Part 2” Photo Galleries and Slideshow” for tutorials explaining how I set it up.

Here’s some dummy text to show what paragraphs look like…Toffee eclairs coffee creams chocolate limes, jelly babies nougat cola bottles fruit pastilles strawberry creams vanilla fudge love hearts bon bons everton mints. Butterscotch barley sugar cola bottles, coffee creams truffles mints toffee marshmallow sugared almonds. Butterscotch marshmallow nougat aniseed balls. Chocolate limes chocolate buttons truffles jelly beans sherbet peppermint creams boiled sweets love hearts treacle toffee toffee fudge gobstoppers. Barley sugar sherbet humbugs lollipops aniseed balls.

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The word “About” at the top of the page is a Heading 1. See below for some of the other styles used.

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

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